What is the Health Facility Resource Council?

The Health Facility Resource Council (HFRC) is a non-profit organization made up of individuals who professional activities involve a responsibility for planning, design, constructing, equipping and maintaining the physical environment for Health Care in Saskatchewan. Established in Saskatchewan in the year 2000, membership includes architects, engineers, interior designers, health facility planners, and health district administrators, maintenance and facility personnel.

The four basic goals of the Council are as follows:

  1. To promote education, communication and provide an environment for the sharing of information, identification of problems and nurturing of ideas and solutions, to work to enhance Health Care Facilities in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  2. To develop and promote communication and direction for Health Care Facility Operators, Designers and Planners in the Province of Saskatchewan, and in neighbouring provinces.
  3. To promote and recognize excellence in Health Care Facility Planning, Design and Operations in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  4. To receive and distribute information on Health Care Facility Planning, Design and Operations and communicate with other Organizations within and beyond the Province of Saskatchewan.

As a registered non-profit corporation in Saskatchewan the Council is responsible for it’s own operations, establishment of goals and management of it’s funds and resources.